There has been a lot of talk about some legacy servers lately. While this may be news to some...
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Commands in game

/reset - Allows player to perform character reset
/antilag - Displays command help information for antilag system

/offtrade - Toggle offtrade function
/offlevel - Start offline leveling

/post - Send a global message

/pkclear - Reduce your PK count in 1 (10kk ZEN)

/war - Allows to propose a War to opponent Guild
/battlesoccer - Allows to challenge opposite guild for a Battle Soccer
/endwar - Allows to force stop Guild War Battle

/requests - Allows to display all requests or refuse all by default
/dcfriend - Allows to DC specified character by IGN and password

/clearinv - Clears your inventory (except equipment)
/cleareventinv - Clears your event inventory

/addstr - Add points to Strenght
/addvit - Add points to Vitality
/addagi - Add points to Agility
/addene - Add points to Energy
/addcmd - Add points to Command
/decstr - Decrease points Strenght
/decvit - Decrease points Vitality
/decagi - Decrease points Agility
/decene - Decrease points Energy
/deccmd - Decrease points Command

Posted31 / 08 / 2021

Currently this is only one server.